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Australia's Favourite Toilet Odour Control Solution for Caravan's, Motorhomes, Yachts and Houseboats

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Portable Toilet ProTreat Sachets and 4-in-1 Odour and Cleaning Control

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Are you allowing your porta-a-loo to get the better of you?

Eco Traveller is specifically designed to deodorise and safely maintain holding tanks throughout portable toilets and caravan port-a-loos. Our point of difference is utilising a combination of composting bacteria that is loaded with pro-active bacteria which is a species of ‘probiotic’ live bacteria known to contain health benefits. Each sachet is loaded with 1.5 billion pro-active bacteria that guarantees keeping pipes and valves clear and free of odours.

Features and Benefits

1.5 Billion Pro-active bacteria in each sachet

Made in Australia

Phosphate free

Unique blend of ‘green’ surfactants, scale inhibitors & live bacteria endospores

Readily biodegradable

Eliminates odours

Prevents blocked valves & pipes

Breaks down waste & paper

Septic safe

Grey water safe

Revolutionising the way Aussie travellers service their caravan and motorhome toilets.