About Us

Eco Traveller is Australia’s number 1 innovation, designed to help all travellers venture around Australia the eco friendly way!

Our mission was to create a unique formula that provides your toilets the ability to breakdown waste whilst deodorising your safe space, utilising only a limited amount of fluid with no waste to clog your pipes!

Eco Traveller has been specifically designed to deodorise and safely maintain holding tanks throughout portable toilets and caravan port-a-loos. 

Our point of difference is utilising a combination of composting bacteria that is loaded with pro-active bacteria which is a species of ‘probiotic’ live bacteria known to contain health benefits. Each sachet is loaded with 1.5 billion pro-active bacteria that guarantees keeping pipes and valves clear and free of odours.  

We understand just how many different cleaning materials there are and just how costly they can be. After identifying this we've made sure to make our products are affordable for the exceptional quality we provide!