Travel Toilet Brush

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Our portable, handy cleaning brush is great for your all-around bathroom sanitation needs. Made of silicone, it’s designed for deep cleaning and getting into nooks and crannies with ease. 

  • Reach everywhere: Flexible D-shaped head to get into the corners of the toilet bowl, even under the rim. Silicone bristles scrub away hidden grime from underneath the rim. 
  • Attracts fewer germs: More sanitary as silicone attracts fewer bacteria like E. coli than plastic, is more resistant to germ contamination and is non-porous so it doesn’t accumulate dirt
  • No drip: Silicone repels water, so no long waiting time for the bristles to dry
  • Durable material: Silicone bristles won’t fray or deform and can deal with stronger chemicals
Easy to clean, versatile and can even clean kitchen items