Outback 2 Ocean Wash

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  • A Gutsy Cleaner formulated to attack the harsh conditions of highway travelling such as bugs and insects, tar and road grime, with little effort.
  • New Generation Formula ensures you have a streak free finish whether you are at home or on the road. Will not harm your paint, aluminum or chrome finishes.
  • Bio-Degradable formula means you will not be hurting our oceans, waterways or even your lawn.




How much do I use?

Just add 25mL od Outback 2 Ocean Wash to a 10L bucket of water.


Should I use hot or cold water?

We recommend you use cold to lukewarm water for best results.


How long do I leave the wash on?

For normal cleaning, just go  round the whole rig cleaning all surfaces. By the time you’ve made it all the way around, you should be ready to rinse off.


It’s best to wash undercover to avoid the Wash drying on the car in direct sunlight. If you can’t avoid it, wash in sections and then rinse off.

Do I rinse it off or start to dry the car?

Once you’re done, just rinse off all the areas you have washed and then dry.


For best results, start with Foam Rinse to remove any heavy soiling, dirt and salt particles.